Renovation of a kitchen and work on a house in Schaerbeeck

VelGon had the privilege of taking charge of renovating the kitchen of Caroline, a young mother living in Schaerbeek.

From our very first meeting, we understood how important it was for her to transform her kitchen while respecting the needs of a busy family life.

The stages of the renovation

The project began with a crucial stage: opening up a load-bearing wall. Our experienced team took all the necessary steps to ensure the structure’s safety, including installing a metal beam to guarantee long-term stability.
We then carefully laid cement tiles on the floor, giving Caroline’s kitchen an authentic charm.

The centrepiece of the renovation was the installation of graphite framed doors, complete with brass handles. Our wide selection of models allowed Caroline to find the one that perfectly matched her expectations. Our team ensured that the installation was carried out to the highest professional standards.

Listening to your wishes

On the advice of our interior designer, we also installed elegant panelling on the wall, adding a touch of charm.

A made-to-measure worktop

The 4-cm-thick wood-finish laminate worktop was installed with precision. At VelGon we understand the importance of a functional and durable worktop. That’s why we made sure Caroline has a spacious, hard-wearing work surface.

Quality electrical appliances

For electrical appliances, we’ve recommended a combination of high-quality equipment from Miele, Liebherr and Novy. As for the Liebherr refrigerator, it offers generous storage capacity, ideal for an active family. And for effective odour extraction, we installed a Novy hood, renowned for its power and silent operation.

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