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Interior design

Carry out your interior design projects with Roxane, our interior designer, who is always ready to listen to your needs in order to harmonise your ideas. Let’s create the interior of your dreams.

Because your lifestyle is unique, have an interior that reflects you!

Why use an interior designer?

Hiring an interior designer has many advantages, and can make your interior design, renovation and decoration projects much easier.

We develop our projects to optimise space and moving between locations according to your needs.

Advice and layout design

3D Plan

Made-to-measure furniture

Ordering all types of materials

Technical plan (electricity, water, etc.)

Site supervision from A to Z

Your questions

We answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information

The site is monitored methodically. Our interior designer oversees every stage, from planning to completion, coordinating the various craftspeople and ensuring that deadlines and quality standards are met.

The 3D plan gives you a realistic vision of your renovation project before work even begins. This helps you to visualise the final result more clearly, to make changes if necessary and to make informed decisions. This also helps to minimise errors and surprises during project execution.

Our interior designer will advise you on how to optimise space, arrange furniture, choose colours, materials and lighting, and keep you up to date with the latest trends in interior design. We’ll help you create a space that suits your tastes,  needs and lifestyle.

VelGon can help you order a wide range of materials for your interior design project. This includes floor coverings, wall coverings, furnishing fabrics, decorative elements, lighting, kitchen and bathroom accessories, as well as materials for made-to-measure furniture, such as wood, glass and metal.

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